One Lovely Blog Award

I found an unexpected and delightful surprise today, when I came home from work and turned my computer on: the talented Ana, from Ana is the Bookworm, nominated me for this wonderful award.  It was not just a surprise, it was a great way to start the blissfully free part of my day!  Thank you Ana!

Now, I should share seven facts about me, as the rules of this “game” require… Well, I’m too much of a private person for that, sorry!   (((Insert sheepish smile)))  On the other hand, I can freely admit to being a bookworm…  Ok, that’s not much of surprise, is it?

And finally, I need to nominate fifteen blogs I enjoy: I don’t have that many on my list, mostly because my time is so limited – but I can assure you that the blogs you will see listed here make up the shortness of the list with sheer quality.

Dragons, Heroes and Wizards

Old Bat’s Belfry

Rinn Reads

Oh, the Books!

Fantasy Review Barn

Ashley Capes

Two Dudes in the Attic


Quinn’s Books

JW Kurtz

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.

And again, many heartfelt thanks (and my best wishes for plentiful and successful writing) to Ana!

4 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Wow! I remember my first award and the ensuing goosebumps! Great job, well deserved and a great list too! Though I may be a bit prejudiced on that score…. :>P


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