Sci-Fi November 2014: Intro Post


There is nothing more exciting for a blogger than the exchange of ideas with like-minded people: after all this is the main drive that compels us to write about what we enjoy, isn’t it?

So, when I discovered the existence of SCI-FI NOVEMBER, co-hosted by Rinn Reads and Oh, the Books! I was delighted: science fiction has been my preferred genre since I was a teenager, when I read my way through “classics” like Asimov, Bradbury, Heinlein and so forth and then went happily on to other authors.

In later years, though, my reading choices gravitated more toward fantasy, so that the number of science fiction books in my TBR pile dwindled considerably: since the huge success of the LOTR movies brought the spotlight back toward fantasy, it has become a serious competitor in the speculative fiction arena, and the appearance of mixed genres – like urban fantasy or steampunk – has somewhat changed my reading habits, steering them in other directions.    And probably not just mine…

That’s the main reason I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity to go back to my first love, meeting other sci-fi-oriented people and discussing the topics we most love to our heart’s content, learning something new in the process. And judging by the huge amount of participants and planned posts for this event, I’m going to be in heaven, so I want to thank straight away Rinn Reads and Oh, the Books! for this amazing opportunity.

At some point after signing up I fell prey to panic, though: what could I write about, since my SF to FY book ratio is roughly 2 to 8 nowadays?  Then it dawned on me that I could talk about science fiction in a different medium: television shows.  And what better playing ground than one of my very favorite shows ever?  So I decided that I would focus on Farscape, one of the two TV series that changed forever my perspective about televised sci-fi.

There is also a couple of books I recently re-acquainted myself with that will fit nicely into this event’s guidelines, and at some point I hope to discuss the good number of new sci-fi series that are in the works, all of them derived from books I loved and commented about in the past, but my SCI-FI NOVEMBER’s offers will mainly center on Farscape.

Hopefully there will be fans like me with whom to discuss the finer points in this emotionally involving story that broke many rules in storytelling and created a few new ones. And maybe I will pique the curiosity of people who never watched this show, or are not aware of its existence, and compel them to give it a try: I can promise them they are in for a great ride…

So, here is my (tentative) schedule for SCI-FI NOVEMBER:

November 3rd: Farscape – Series Overview
November 6th: Farscape Characters #1 – John Crichton & Aeryn Sun
November 9th: Farscape Characters #2 – Zhaan, D’Argo, Chiana
November 12th: Farscape Characters #3 – Sikozu, Jool, Noranti
November 15th: Farscape Characters #4 – Rigel & Pilot
November 18th: Farscape Characters #5 – Crais & Scorpius
November 21st: Book Review: The Player of Games, by Iain M. Banks
November 24th: Upcoming Sci-Fi shows on TV
November 27th: Book Review: Use of Weapons, by Iain M. Banks

Let’s get started and, more important, let’s have FUN!



16 thoughts on “Sci-Fi November 2014: Intro Post

  1. I can totally relate to loving the genre but not reading a lot more fantasy books than sci-fi lately. I watch a lot more sci-fi tv because I think there have been some really good shows on the past 10 years that made it easy to get drawn into the genre. Even if you don’t think it’s the sort of thing you’ll like – the characters and story lines have been really intriguing.


    1. TV has been a great medium lately for science fiction, even more than the big screen IMHO, and with such a variety of “flavors” that everyone can find something to enjoy.
      The good news is that there is a good numbers of shows being filmed right now, which makes me think there could be a (very welcome) renaissance of the genre.
      Keeping my fingers crossed….


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