My 2015 in Books

51 titles… It’s not much, not if compared with the stats of the majority of my fellow bloggers (by the way, I’m amazed at the number of books I see listed in the year’s-end posts that are cropping up these days. How do you manage so much?  Superhero-like reading speed? 48-hour days? Or both?  😀 ) but for me it’s a good number, taking into account my limited free time and the pressures from work: 11 books more than last year, and an average of one book per week, more or less.  Not bad at all…

Even better if I consider that, with a few exceptions, they were all greatly enjoyable books, with several new discoveries among them: authors I never read before, independent authors who submitted their work for review, allowing me to find new, unknown talents, and a couple of titles from genres I would not have suspected would fall into my preference range.

Apart from the pleasure of reading, something that I guess was born at the time when printed words ceased to be a mystery for me, this year has also been another year of “sharing the wonders” with other book bloggers and with the people who kindly commented my ramblings. This enhanced my enjoyment, people, because it was – and still is! – an amazing experience.  Thanks!

So here it is, my collection of read books’ covers for this year. The list of books I want to read, or have lined up next is even longer, but that’s a matter for 2016…

Good reading, everyone! And a Happy New Year 🙂


12 thoughts on “My 2015 in Books

  1. I see a lot of good, no, great, books on here. Well done, 51 titles is nothing to be scoffed at – my husband would probably take about 51 years to read that many (a book a year type of guy!).
    I used to read more books before I started blogging – this year crept up a little but I read during travel and and from work and I also like to read for an hour before I sleep – some people can’t read at night because it knocks them out, me, it has the opposite effect.
    All the best for a lovely 2016.
    Lynn 😀


  2. Great job, and it’s definitely more important to enjoy the books you read than to try to break some kind of record. One of my goals of 2016 is to get rid of “blogger envy,” being jealous of bloggers who read 200 or 300 books a year (I mean, really, do they do ANYTHING else??) I see a bunch of titles I’ve read and loved up there, and some that I’ve been dying to get to. Can’t wait to see what you read in 2016!

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  3. You did a great job this year, and you beat a personal best by 11 books. The most important part is that you liked what you read and shared your thoughts on some of them with us! Happy New Year! And here’s to another great year of reading! 😀


  4. Well done on 51 books! Honestly, read at your own pace and read what you like and it doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy yourself! That is my mantra. As for your question, people always wonder how I read so many books, and apparently it’s because I read at about a page a minute. I know that’s not exactly super-human speed, but I’m told it’s pretty fast 🙂

    Oh, that and being an insomniac 4 to 5 times out of a month helps a bit 😀

    I’ve read a lot of the titles on your 2015 list and there’s some seriously excellent stuff there!


    1. Oh, a fellow part-time insomniac! 🙂
      I used to rue the sleep I lost, now I think of it as an investment on the books I enjoy reading. Which I guess is the best way to turn an annoyance into an advantage 😉
      Have a great new year!


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