TOP TEN TUESDAY is a meme created at The Broke and The Bookish, with the aim of sharing Top Ten lists of our favorites – mostly book related.


For this last week of the year, the topic is: Top Ten Best Books of 2016

When the time comes to draw up a list like this, I find myself faced with some hard choices, because most of the books I’ve reviewed – and for 2016 they amount to a round 60, which is something of a record for me, given the limited time I can devote to reading – are books I liked quite a bit.

I spoke of reviewed books, rather than simply read, because some of the titles I picked up ended in the DNF  pile, and of these I reviewed only a few – those for which I felt a very strong need to share the reasons  I didn’t like them, although I managed to soldier on past the 25% mark that for me is the “make or break” point.   Which means there are a few more that didn’t even make the list because I could not connect with either story or characters and moved on quite swiftly.

So, of these 60 books, only 3 were abandoned before the end, and I had to pick my favorite 10 out of the remaining 57: as I said, not an easy feat, and that’s the reason I’m not going to list my ten favorite titles in any particular order of preference, but rather in the order I read them. It’s the most Solomonic solution I could come up with…



ILLUMINAE, by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

DREAMER’S POOL, by Juliet Marillier

A RED ROSE CHAIN & ONCE BROKEN FAITH, by Seanan McGuire  (I could not pick just one of them…)

MORNING STAR, by Pierce Brown

THE LESSER DEAD, by Christopher Buehlman


THE DRAGON’S PATH, by Daniel Abraham

HOUSE OF SUNS, by Alastair Reynolds

BABYLON’S ASHES, by James S.A. Corey  (forthcoming review)


Ok, the count really goes to 11 titles, but I can bend the rules a little if I consider that the books in the October Daye series are all parts of the same whole. Can I?

And what about you?  What are your favorite reads for this year?

12 thoughts on “TOP TEN TUESDAY #4

  1. I always do my lists alphabetical by author, because I couldn’t possibly do them favorite to least, either. 🙂 I adore McGuire’s Toby Daye books so much! Iluminae was pretty fascinating, too, and I like epistolary books, especially the flexibility of modern ones. My TTT

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  2. Nice list! Pierce Brown’s books seem to be on everyone’s “best of” lists, this year. I really need to check them out! I think I’m going to post my “best of 2016” list tomorrow, but top among them were Crosstalk by Connie Willis and The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I’m grateful to have gotten the chance to read those, this year 😀

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  3. *does a happy dance* because so many of these also got 4.5 or 5 stars from me: Illuminae, Dreamer’s Pool, Dark Ascension, The Fifth House of the Heart…this last one is extra special to me, and I am hoping it will get more attention. I’m still waiting on word of a sequel!

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  4. I say you can count the October Daye series as a whole! 😉

    Dreamer’s Pool is one of my favourite books bar none, and Juliet Marillier is probably my favourite author at this point. The Blackthorn & Grim series is incredible and Daughter of the Forest broke my heart and made it whole again. *happy sigh*

    Illuminae was surprisingly awesome, too! I know some people thought it was over hyped but I actually loved it. Gemina, I’m coming for you!

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    1. That first Blackthorn & Grim book was a wonderful – and very successful! – blend of fantasy novel and fairy tale that literally mesmerized me: I can’t wait to start on book 2 – and I know that book 3 is already out, so I’d better hurry! 🙂


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