Like last year, Planetary Defense Command promotes this award for our favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy works (and I’d like to add my thanks for the timely reminder I received today, since I almost forgot that time was running out to post my choices).

HERE you will find all the necessary information: the deadline for the nomination is February 14th, at 11:59PM US Pacific time.  So there is still time to choose and post your nominations!

The 2016 Awards require we nominate two categories (instead of the three that were available last year):

1) Shorter story (under 40,000 words/160 paperback pages)
2) Traditionally published novel

My thanks to Planetary Defense Command for this opportunity to list my 2016 favorite reads!

And here are my choices, which were quite difficult, because I read a great number of shorter works and full novels that I enjoyed very much, so I had to go to my 5-star ratings and choose from them, to try and restrict the… playing field.  Still, it was far from easy…

For Shorter Story my choice fell on GRR Martin’s THE GLASS FLOWER, a SF story about death, rebirth and the search for eternal life, and perfection. It’s a tale that’s both wonderful and chilling – in perfect keeping with Martin’s style – and one that can be both enjoyed in writing and in the amazing audio version read by Australian actress Claudia Black.

For Traditionally Published Novel my choice goes to James S.A. Corey BABYLON’S ASHES, the sixth volume in the Expanse saga: I’ve come to anxiously wait for each new installment of this engrossing space opera series, that has quite redefined my parameters for what I most enjoy in the genre.

So I’m done – in the nick of time…  And now let’s see how it goes!


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  1. Just a note: For the novel award, it can be either self or traditionally published. Last year we had one category for each, but we’re just doing one “Best Novel” this year.


  2. Well, I would have no idea where to go with the short fiction category, but I have to say fantastic choice for the your pick of best novel 🙂

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  3. Hmm. I will have to check out the Glass Flower now. Haven’t read anything by Martin for several years.

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  4. I like the Expanse Series. Well chosen.

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  5. I don’t how I would choose my best short story of 2016, I read so many great ones! :O
    I really need to catch up on The Expanse, I am currently reading the third book and it’s really good!

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  6. Yet another reason why I need to read Leviathan Wakes ASAP!

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