GRR Martin interviews John Scalzi

One of the stops in John Scalzi’s tour to promote his new novel THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE included the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe: this historical theater has been in recent years acquired by author GRR Martin and it often hosts meetings with authors and book signings.

When I learned that a video of the event would be uploaded on the Jean Cocteau Cinema YouTube channel, I waited with intense curiosity to see two of my favorite authors chatting, and what I found was nothing short of delightful.

And delights must be shared… Β Enjoy!






10 thoughts on “GRR Martin interviews John Scalzi

  1. I love watching these kinds of things!! So entertaining to see two brilliant authors talking shop and other fun stuff. Thanks for pointing it out! I’ll make sure to watch this instead of tv next chance I get πŸ˜€

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  2. OOh cool! I can’t watch this at work, because a) I’m not supposed to be on the internet (lol) and b) I don’t have sound on my computer, so I’ll make sure to come back and watch later. Thanks for sharing!

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