Short Story: PRECIOUS LITTLE THINGS, by Adrian Tchaikovsky


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While looking online for interesting short stories, my attention was of course drawn by the name of Adrian Tchaikovsky, whose Children of Time was one of my most interesting discoveries, and by the little note about this story being a sort of prequel for the novel Made Things, a review of which recently appeared on Tammy’s blog.   And what an intriguing story this one turned out to be!

I find myself wary of sharing the details of Precious Little Things, because it’s filled with amazing surprises, so I will try and remain vague about it, hoping at the same time to pique your curiosity and compel you to read this story, which is quite different from Tchaikovsky’s previous work I sampled before.

For starters it’s more fantasy oriented, and there is a good deal of magic in it, the kind of magic that can breathe life into the most unusual things, and so create an incredible civilization as different as possible from anything one might imagine: there is a flavor here that reminded me of fairy stories, where humans are of little consequence and other creatures take the center stage – now that I think about it, the characters portrayed here are not so unlike the spiders in Children of Time, and their society is as singular and as enthralling as that of the arachnids.

It’s also a story about discoveries and the courage to look beyond the limits of one’s world and to imagine first and explore later what lies out there, because – as one character tells us at some point – “boundaries [are] things to be overcome, not lived within”.

My initial curiosity toward the longer work Made Things has now solidified into great interest thanks to this delightful story.


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16 thoughts on “Short Story: PRECIOUS LITTLE THINGS, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

  1. Hmm, I’m a big fan of Tchaikovsky, but I’ve put this shorter works as lower priority, preferring his full-length/longer novels. As such, I’ve had a copy of Made Things lying on the backburner for a while, but this short story review has actually made me more interested in it now!

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  2. I hope Made Things works out well for you, this is an author that I enjoy although I do steer away from short stories because they just don’t work for me (as the norm). I’ll look out for your review of Made Things. I remember Tammy’s review for it and it did intrigue me very much.
    Lynn 😀

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  3. This definitely sounds wonderful and I love the quote that serves almost like the premise for the story. I definitely want to read something by Adrian Tchaikovsky at some point though. Will remember that he has short stories on Tor’s site for later! Thanks for sharing this wonderful review! 😀

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