SCIFI MONTH 2020 #SciFiMonth

ARTWORK by Tithi Luadthong from

Ladies and Gentlemen, the luxury liner Galactic Express is ready to depart for lands unknown and alien realms, so we wish you all a pleasant cruise!

Our gallant commanding officers, IMIRYL and LISA are once again here to guide us toward the uncharted routes of the imagination, and the crew will be happy to share with you reviews, discussions, giveaways, read-alongs and bookish prompts – plus any other kind of amazing discovery you might look for. Take a look at the NAVIGATION CHART to know the next ports of call.

Your first time aboard ship? No problem! Just connect to the INFORMATION NODE, where you will be able to ask any question your mind can come up with – and more: our dedicated A.I., Hal 8999(*), is at your complete disposal. 

(*) no worries: he’s the younger sibling and completely harmless πŸ˜€

Take your seat on the acceleration couches, strap in and… enjoy the ride!

26 thoughts on “SCIFI MONTH 2020 #SciFiMonth

  1. Ooo… SO looking forward to this month – although I shall be late to the party – I’ve still got some fantasy reads I’ve got to get posted because I fell behind in October:(((.

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