Hello everyone! Not unlike Bilbo Baggins I’m back from my much less adventurous journey: luckily, no trolls or spiders made their appearance, and even though the car trip to and from my destination – amounting to almost one thousand kilometers each way – was not without stress, such small discomforts were more than compensated by the delightful company of my friends, and the antics of the two very rambunctious dogs they share their lives with.

Once more I discovered that, due to the unreliability of the internet connection in such a remote location, the impossibility to visit my usual online haunts turned out into something positive: while I was sorry to be unable to follow the usual updates of this community, I was able to relax my attitude toward blogging – and this led me to wonder if this yearly “disconnect” is what has saved me, until now, from the dreaded blogging fatigue that has plagued some of my fellow bloggers in the past few years. Only time will tell…

On the other hand, I did not manage to read as many books as I planned to, preferring to spend my time relaxing, chatting with my friends, and occasionally gathering the delicious figs from the two different trees that stand on the grounds where their home is located. 

So I can only account for two and half books: I finished Melissa Albert’s Our Crooked Hearts (which I began before leaving for my vacation); I completed Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers trilogy with Record of a Spaceborn Few, and I finally started the Dune re-read that I’ve been promising myself since I watched Denis Villeneuve’s successful movie translation of the first book.

And that’s all for my month of August: energies replenished (I hope…) I’m eager to get back into the usual rhythm of reading, reviewing and fattening my TBR with books I hope to read soon…  It’s certainly good to be back 🙂


30 thoughts on “THERE AND BACK AGAIN…

  1. Those figs look delicious. They are too expensive her to eat fresh regularly. My parents have a tree, but while it bears plenty of them, they probably won’t ripen anymore this year.

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  2. When I’m tired of blogging, I just walk away from it. The google algorithm can be damned when it decides to start ignoring me on my return. Alternately, I found out that I can soften the blow by just keeping a couple of them scheduled when I’m in a creative mood and produce three at the same time. Just to keep up with one weekly release. Keeps the algorithm happy.

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    1. So far, I have not experienced any blogging fatigue, probably because I tend to pace myself to a review per week (with always a few already written and stored for… leaner times), but I’m aware that the danger of turning this “labor of love” into actual work is always around the corner, so a brief hiatus now and then can only be beneficial 🙂

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  3. What a wonderful break from the daily round of everyday life, Maddalena:)). And I think you’re right – having this enforced break probably has helped to prevent you burning out. Glad it was such a wonderful holiday – and those figs look scrummy.

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