Review Guidelines


It is with regret that I’m announcing that this blog will not accept submissions anymore: I have long debated this choice with myself, and not for the first time, but lately I have hit a negative streak that brought me to take this road – not because the books I’ve recently encountered were bad, but because they almost never met my – admittedly fractious – tastes.

And since the free time I can spend reading is severely limited, I want – I need – to spend it reading what I enjoy: when reading books feels more chore than pleasure, when it feels like work, there seems to be no more point in this activity.

Since nothing is written in stone, I might change my mind along the way, but for now I prefer to concentrate on books I choose by myself.

Authors I have already reviewed in the past are still welcome to contact me – you know who you are and you know how to reach me: I know what to expect, and I already know I will enjoy reading your stories.

Thank you.



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