Today I quite accidentally stumbled on this snippet of news, and I feel the need to share it with all my fellow bibliophiles: in the cities of Tokyo, and now Kyoto, there are two very peculiar hotels – or rather hostels – that offer accommodations between bookshelves. Yes, you read that correctly…

The first to start on this amazing road was the Book and Bed hotel in Tokyo, whose huge success brought on the creation of its twin in Kyoto: in both hotels the guests can sleep in bunks specially built inside the bookshelves.  Probably not a very comfortable space – not if you happen to be claustrophobic or, as would be my case, not exactly athletic or nimble, but the pictures of both places are downright intriguing…

Reading in bed is something we all book lovers enjoy, so this seems to be the next evolutionary step in the experience, maybe being lulled to sleep by the heady smell of books or the sweet sound of turning pages 🙂

Here are some pictures: what do you think?

tokyo  tokyo1

kyoto  kyoto1