Vacationing Owl…


The suitcase is packed, the tickets bought, everything is ready for a well-deserved vacation, so this bookish owl is waving goodbye to everyone for the next two weeks.

I have scheduled a couple of posts, just to keep my blog’s muscles in tune (but do blogs have muscles?  that’s an interesting question…) but I might be unable to reply to your comments – or to comment to your always intriguing posts – during my absence, so I’m making my apologies now, and hope to be able to do it all once I’m back.

Keep reading great stories, keep having fun and… see you soon!


My 2015 in Books

51 titles… It’s not much, not if compared with the stats of the majority of my fellow bloggers (by the way, I’m amazed at the number of books I see listed in the year’s-end posts that are cropping up these days. How do you manage so much?  Superhero-like reading speed? 48-hour days? Or both?  😀 ) but for me it’s a good number, taking into account my limited free time and the pressures from work: 11 books more than last year, and an average of one book per week, more or less.  Not bad at all…

Even better if I consider that, with a few exceptions, they were all greatly enjoyable books, with several new discoveries among them: authors I never read before, independent authors who submitted their work for review, allowing me to find new, unknown talents, and a couple of titles from genres I would not have suspected would fall into my preference range.

Apart from the pleasure of reading, something that I guess was born at the time when printed words ceased to be a mystery for me, this year has also been another year of “sharing the wonders” with other book bloggers and with the people who kindly commented my ramblings. This enhanced my enjoyment, people, because it was – and still is! – an amazing experience.  Thanks!

So here it is, my collection of read books’ covers for this year. The list of books I want to read, or have lined up next is even longer, but that’s a matter for 2016…

Good reading, everyone! And a Happy New Year 🙂



In the Beginning…

They say the first post is the hardest, so… let’s get this over and done with!


I love reading, and I love even more discussing books with other people: observing the development of a story-line, or the shaping of a character, through the eyes of a fellow reader is a thought-provoking experience, because no one sees things the same way.

Therefore, discussion becomes enrichment, and adds unexpected insights.


Even if I enjoy mainstream fiction, my deepest interests lie with speculative fiction – be it sci-fi or fantasy, or the various declinations of both sub-genres. As I did last year, when I monitored my own reading progress on GoodReads, I will try to expand my horizons by trying out new (or new to me) authors and new genres.


This blog will be my journey’s diary. I have to thank Old Bat’s Belfry for this idea: after finding her blog and the post about a reading challenge for 2014, I was prompted to try a new adventure on Pinterest, sharing my reading adventures, so this will be the place where I store my thoughts and reflections on the books I read.

It promises to be a fun road…