An apology… and an explanation

My dear fellow book lovers,

In the past three weeks it might have looked as if I literally fell off the face of the Earth, since I failed to reply to your comments, to comment on your posts or to publish some of my own, but there is a valid reason for my protracted silence: on November 15th I had to be urgently hospitalized because of a serious condition that manifested itself all of a sudden and without previous warnings, one that might have had dire consequences if the doctors had not intervened as rapidly and as efficiently as they did.

Luckily for me I am now on the mend – although I’m facing several months of therapy and careful monitoring – and what’s more important I am back home, happily settling back among my own things and in front of my computer, which I sorely missed during my stay in the hospital, when I felt quite cut off from the rest of the world.

The only silver lining in this whole situation is that being bed-ridden left me a lot of time for reading, which I tried to put to good use, if nothing else to forget my troubles while my mind was busy with some other imagined world…

And now I can finally start to see what I missed during my absence, which discoveries lie in wait for me as I go through the huge amount of accumulated posts and I try to catch up with my comments and replies.

One thing is certain: it’s GREAT to be back 🙂