SciFi Month 2014!


A couple of months ago I saw an exciting post on a blog I follow: the announcement for an event called SCI-FI MONTH,  a month-long series of posts, discussions, fun and games and whatever you might want to think about centered on science fiction.

How could I resist this siren call?  I signed on immediately, of course.

Now the deadline of November 1st, when the fun starts, is drawing near, and the 70-odd bloggers who, like me, signed on for the event are getting ready to jump right in and have a great time. If you are interested, tune in, or better yet, sign on too and share the fun!

SCI-FI MONTH is hosted by Rinn Reads and Oh, The Books! and you can find information about the event both HERE and HERE, or find updates on the dedicated Twitter feed @SciFiMonth and hashtag #RRSciFiMonth

The countdown has already started, but it’s not too late to come aboard!