WYRD & WONDER 2022: Give Me Five! #wyrdandwonder

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The congratulatory gesture is more than called for since this is the fifth iteration of the month-long event celebrating all things fantasy: for the occasion, our Fairy Godmothers Imyril, Lisa and Jorie are joined by Ariana and Annemieke, bringing their total to five. Neat! 🙂

If you’re old hands at this, you already know everything there is to know about our neverending party where Elves can safely mix with vampires and enjoy the buffet alongside wherewolves and wizards, but if this is your first time don’t fear: our Fairy Godmothers have thought of everything.

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So, let’s don our pointy hats, give the last stirring to the boiling cauldron and prepare to unleash our magical potions on the world! Now, if only I could remember where I last parked my flying broom….


WYRD & WONDER 2021: Once More Unto the Fantastic Breach! – #Wyrdandwonder

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It’s again time to celebrate the return of Spring with the May blogstravaganza dedicated to all things fantastic! Our indefatigable hosts Imyril, Lisa and Jorie will once again steer us toward the multifaceted realms of fantasy, where imagination knows no bounds and our ways of exploring these lands will include books, movies, games and everything else the human mind can conceive. And sometimes even the inhuman…

If this is your first time, don’t worry: HERE you will find the map leading you to the magical pavilion where all the fun goes on – just remember to visit the SIGN UP tent first and to check the ACTIVITIES SCROLL, so you don’t miss any of the fun! And bring a treat for the guardian dragon, to insure a smooth passage!

Dust off your TBRs, saddle your favorite steed and take to the road: adventure awaits…