In the Beginning…

They say the first post is the hardest, so… let’s get this over and done with!


I love reading, and I love even more discussing books with other people: observing the development of a story-line, or the shaping of a character, through the eyes of a fellow reader is a thought-provoking experience, because no one sees things the same way.

Therefore, discussion becomes enrichment, and adds unexpected insights.


Even if I enjoy mainstream fiction, my deepest interests lie with speculative fiction – be it sci-fi or fantasy, or the various declinations of both sub-genres. As I did last year, when I monitored my own reading progress on GoodReads, I will try to expand my horizons by trying out new (or new to me) authors and new genres.


This blog will be my journey’s diary. I have to thank Old Bat’s Belfry for this idea: after finding her blog and the post about a reading challenge for 2014, I was prompted to try a new adventure on Pinterest, sharing my reading adventures, so this will be the place where I store my thoughts and reflections on the books I read.

It promises to be a fun road…



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