Better prepare because Winter is Coming! ooops, sorry, wrong quote… Let’s start again…


SCI-FI MONTH is back again!  (ok, that’s better) 😀

The month-long celebration of all things sci-fi will start again in November, hosted by Rinn at RINN READS and by Lisa at OVER THE EFFING RAINBOW.  To know everything you need to participate, just go over at Rinn’s blog and read this post.  Then sign up, and have fun!

I certainly intend to…




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  1. Yes!! I’m already signed up. This will be my third SciFi Month!


  2. Nearly that time of year again!


  3. We’ll be participating too! Already lining up possible fun stuff and books to review! 😀


  4. Oh cool! I’ll be there, it seems like 2016 is the year of SF for me! 🙂


  5. Well, I don’t read many sci fi books so this gives me an added incentive. I will be signing up again.
    Lynn 😀

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