The Book Character Quarantine Tag


With many thanks to Ola from Re-enchantment of the World for tagging me, I have decided to sprinkle some much-needed humor on the health crisis still gripping our world on the heels of the Covid-19 spread. It’s been a harrowing time for us all, and for many it’s still a heavy concern, so if these memes help bringing a little smile to brighten the darkness, they are very welcome indeed…

And here we go: the tag requires me to name 5 or more of my favorite book characters and imagine what they would be doing if they were quarantined with us in the real world. I chose three characters from fantasy and three from science fiction. Perfect balance 😉


TYRION LANNISTER (from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire)

Oh, he’s one of the people who would suffer less from being locked down at home, provided he had enough wine and enough ladies willing to share his bedchamber – at the start of the story, at least, Tyrion used to be quite the ladies’ man after all!


FIELD MARSHAL TAMAS (from Brian McClellan’s Powder Mage)

I think he would pace back and forth like a caged lion, perusing maps and devising strategies so as not to be caught  off-guard once the quarantine was lifted. And of course driving his aides-de-camp crazy, with the sole exception of Colonel Olem, who would observe the Field Marshal’s antics through the smoke of his endless cigarettes.


SAND DAN GLOKTA (from Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Trilogy)

Here is another character who would enjoy being cooped up at home and therefore not having to submit himself to the daily torture of stairs: as he observed more than once, the people of power he had to visit in the course of his duties always lived far above ground, and with his crippling infirmities, poor Glokta’s hate of stairs became quite legendary.



KIVA LAGOS (from John Scalzi’s Interdependency)

No doubt: she would swear, profusely and with great richness of expletives, about home lockdown, upset at the idea of the new dastardly schemes concocted by House Nohamapetan, which would certainly find a way to circumvent the rules and broker alliances behind her back.


MURDERBOT (from Martha Wells’ Murderbot Diaries)

Probably Murderbot would be exempt from self-isolation, since its organic parts would not suffer from contact with the virus. Just as probably it would be recruited by its human not-friends for the daily errands they would not be able to perform, and be deprived of some of its series-watching time. Which would be profoundly irritating, no doubt about it.


MILES VORKOSIGAN (from Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga)

A confined Miles is a dangerous Miles, because his hyperactive mind needs to be applied to active duties, and being unable to move around he would certainly find new and more insane ideas to relieve his boredom. Someone should find some convoluted puzzle to unravel to keep him occupied and out of mischief…



So, who would you choose to observe during lockdown? Everyone’s invited: share the fun!

27 thoughts on “The Book Character Quarantine Tag

  1. What a delightful variety of characters you found for this prompt😁 I’m especially laughing at poor Murderbot who is missing his shows to run errands, lol.

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  2. Very nice choices! I can imagine Tamas, choosing precisely the right moment to strike at his enemies, before they recover from the plague… and I could certainly have used the help of a robot, not necessarily a murderous one (I’ve never read any of Wells’ books, perhaps this one would be helpful enough?), when the lockdown was fully in place here…

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    1. Ah, Murderbot is such a delightful character – and never mind the “murder” part of its name, it’s just bad publicity 😉
      That said, I’m not sure it would have enjoyed running errands for us, strange and unpredictable humans…

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  3. Thanks for the shout-out! 😊 Glad you enjoyed this tag, I know I did laugh at your Murderbot answer – poor Murderbot, forced to run boring errands… And Tamas would be busy as a bee, preparing various contingency plans, that’s for sure! 😁

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  4. Ahhh yes, poor Murderbot! Hahaha, this was definitely my favorite! And I like to think Olem would be catching up on a decade of lost sleep. Just because his knack means he doesn’t NEED it, doesn’t mean that he might not like to indulge now and then. Especially when Tamas is on the warpath 😂

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  5. Oh this is SUCH a cool tag, Maddalena and you absolutely nailed it! Particularly Miles and Murderbot:))). You certainly wouldn’t want to find yourself having to be cooped up anywhere near Miles Vorkosigan!

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      1. Ah… what a fabulous description! I think that’s spot on and exactly what Miles is – an event! And when I told Himself about this post and the prospect of sharing lockdown with him at first he howled with laughter – and then suddenly stopped and said, rather fearfully, “What a terrible prospect!”

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  6. Hahahah I love that you got Murderbot in here! I can’t imagine what would be going on in its mind during this crisis. Probably loads of facepalm at how we act like humans during a crisis. 😛 And Tynion hahahh It’s been a while since we’ve seen him around. I imagine he must be quite the character in the books! 😮

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    1. Tyrion and Arya Stark were my favorite characters in the books and for me there could never be enough narrative space dedicated to them…
      As for Murderbot, if it hardly understands “normal” human behavior, I can’t imagine what it would think of us as we run around like headless chickens in an emergency! 😀

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  7. This is such a nice tag! And you presented us with so many great characters!! 😍 Also, you made me add a new title on my TBR, how is that even possible?? But I had a book by L. McMaster Bujold on my list, a fantasy one, and now I just had to add the series you mentioned too! You are the worst!! 😉

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    1. Hanging around with our fellow bloggers is both a joy and a curse, I know, I know… 😀
      The Vorkosigan Saga is one of my very favorite series – ever – but I have yet to read Bujold’s fantasy works, so they might be next on the list…

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