Thanks to Way Too Fantasy here is another fun, book-oriented tag post, originally created by @bookprincessreviews 

What this tag needs is for me to dust off my crystal ball and share the predictions for my…



This is an easy one: author Phil Williams – whose Sunken City novels I had the pleasure of reviewing – contacted me with the news of his next book, whose publication is slated for the second half of September.  Kept From Cages is, in Mr. Williams’ own words, a “fast-paced supernatural action-thriller” peopled with new characters but still tied to the Ordshaw world. My curiosity was quite piqued by his mention of “criminal jazz musicians” and I will start reading as soon as I finish my current book, which means in the next handful of days…



Another easy prediction: I was overjoyed in receiving the bi-monthly Orbit newsletter and learning that the new Age of Madness book from Joe Abercrombie, The Trouble with Peace, is included in the September/October NetGalley releases. There is absolutely no doubt that this will turn into a 5-star read as have all the previous Abercrombie novels I have enjoyed in the past.



Well… No one would pick a book with the foreknowledge that it will turn out into such a disappointing read – and picking up a book with so little promise, to say the least, would sound like an exercise in masochism, so I’m going to focus on my unwavering optimism and predict that there will be no such black marks on the next books I will pick up.



I will go with “character that seems really cool” and name Circe, from the protagonist of Madeline Miller’s novel with the same title: the book promises to deliver an new and interesting angle on the mythical figure who, according to legend, imprisoned men transforming them into pigs. My love of mythology goes back to my school days, so it will certainly be a fascinating experience to revisit this story from a different point of view.



To Be Taught, if Fortunate, by Becky Chambers: I have already acquire the first book from this author, The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet thanks to the enthusiastic reviews from many of my fellow bloggers, but on a recent post I learned about this novella, that can be read on its own, and I decided to start the… experiment with a shorter work, so that my curiosity will be satisfied sooner.


It’s your turn now: wave your magic wands, peer into your enchanted mirrors, and let us know what your bookish future looks like!



  1. Ooh this is a great tag! I am absolutely loving The Trouble With Peace at the moment but really need to get my review for A Little Hatred down before the two start to merge in my head! I also definitely wouldn’t pick up a book knowing I was going to hate it.. it seems like quite the futile endeavour! 😂

    I really hope you enjoy To Be Taught, If Fortunate. It’s very different to the Wayfarers series but is quite beautiful in its own right! 😀

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    1. I finished Becky Chambers’ novella last night: I could not sleep so I kept on reading, and I enjoyed it very much. It’s an interesting combination of science and human insight and it made me very hopeful about this author’s other works 🙂

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      1. Ooh, looking forward to see what you think of those. I read her stuff in pub. order and I like each one just a bit more than the next so I’m looking forward to your perspective on them. 🙂

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  2. Ooo… this is another wonderful book tag that I might jump into. Though I’m also probably going to pass on the 1 star prediction – if I thought a book was going to be that bad, I wouldn’t pick it up!

    And I’m delighted you enjoyed the Becky Chambers’ novella so much – I loved it, too…

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  3. Okay WOW! To Be Taught, if Fortunate sounds AWESOMEEE!!! I have the author’s first book on my tbr too!!! NOW I AM EXCITED TO READ BOTH! And I absolutely adored the way you ended the post, Mads! SOOO CUTTEEE!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Your enthusiasm in finding the right, amusing images for the post must have “infected” me… 😀
      And I am going to add Chambers’ first book in the Wayfarers saga to my TBR very soon: now I’m very curious to read more of her works!


  4. Fun tag! I do have to wonder at the “next 1 star read” – lol. I guess hate reading can be a thing… but why would anyone do that to themselves? Hope you love Circe – it was one of my favorites!

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