Wyrd & Wonder TAG: Authors/Books/Series on my TBR that I have to read yet – #Wyrdandwonder

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Talking about the road not taken – or rather the book(s) not yet read – is never easy for us book lovers, because we are all painfully aware of the sad differential between the huge number of books out there we want to read and the limited time we have at our disposal.

Here are some of the books that have been gathering virtual dust on my TBR for some time: I was drawn to most of them thanks to the reviews of my fellow bloggers, but other titles came along that got precedence, and these “poor darlings” ended up as… well, wallflowers, never called to the next dance because some dazzling passing beauty 😀 managed to distracted me.

At least I can make some amends by listing a number of the fantasy titles that have patiently waiting to be picked up – and renewing my promise to read them as soon as I can…


by Tamsin Muir – on my TBR since November 2020


by Juliet Marillier – on my TBR since March 2019


by Leigh Bardugo – on my TBR since October 2017 (and now that I have seen the first season of Shadow and Bone on Netflix, and enjoyed the segments focused on the Crows, this one must take precedence!)


by Chris Wooding – on my TBR since January 2020


by Col Buchanan – on my TBR since November 2018


by James Islington – on my TBR since December 2019


by Robin Hobb – on my TBR since November 2012 (I actually read this one but have totally forgotten it and will have to re-read it if I want to move forward with the series…)


by Sebastien de Castell – on my TBR since August 2018

What about you, fellow bloggers and book lovers? What’s on your… Hall of Shame? 😉

35 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder TAG: Authors/Books/Series on my TBR that I have to read yet – #Wyrdandwonder

  1. I have all of these books on my tbr too ! Well except for Farlanded, haven’t heard of it much but might as well check it out now. Great list 👌

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  2. My list would be completely different, which just goes to show you how many books are out there😭 But I would love to read Six of Crows too, and I have a copy on my shelves somewhere…

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  3. Oh god, how long have you got? Sone of the ones that have been on my TBR for the longest are Cloud Atlas, The Name of the Wind and The Martian. There’s a load of non-fiction on there as well, including pretty much the entire works of Naimi Klein, who I’ve never actually read but who always sounds like a v intelligent person whenever I hear her interviewed.

    I actually have some of the books in your list on my Kindle but haven’t read. I’ve got Traitor’s Blade and Six of Crows on there for sure.

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    1. The problem with e-readers is that you can add books there and tend to forget them because they are not actually looking at you from the shelves, gathering dust and making sad eyes at you… I should delve more often in my back list and pick up those titles I bought and forgot, like the bad, bad bookworm that I am 🙂


      1. I’m a big e-reader convert but I do miss the days of going to a book shop and getting super excited you just bought one book and reading it immediately cos it was so exciting to have it in your hands. Now I just impulse buy ebooks and they languish on my kindle for months/years before I get to them.

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        1. I miss the bookstores too, although during the previous lockdown having the possibility of buying books without leaving one’s home was wonderful, but I also remember the frustration when, for example, I found that there was an interesting series I wanted to read and book 1 was not available – I guess it all boils down to instant bookish gratification… 😀

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  4. Ah yes…. many of these are on my list, as well, that ever-growing list of such beautiful sounding stories. Some of the books I’m attempting to get to this year are Kings of the Wyld, The Curse of Chalion, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, and Hollow Kingdom. There’s more, but it might take longer to get to them… 🙂

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    1. I have very fond memories of Kings of theWyld and its sequel, Bloody Rose: I’m certain you will enjoy meeting The Band. And I’ve been thinking for some time about trying out the Chalion series, since I’m a huge Bujold fan as far as her SF is concerned 🙂


  5. Oh no! The list of shame. This post was a bit painful to read because I know how many would be on my list of shame.

    I’ll have to do this tag sometime this month! Maybe it’ll be something I can look back at next time Wyrd and Wonder come around so I can add the ones I didn’t get to to my TBR next year.

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  6. Aassassin’s Apprentice is on my TBR too — but if there’s one book I’d recommend from your TBR pile, it is Marillier’s Daughter of the Forest. Highly recommended. Happy #WyrdAndWonder!

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  7. Yeah, my hall of shame would be long. You’d need to pack a change of clothes, a picnic, bedroll and a few other provisions, just to see you to the end. I am quite shamefaced. But, I live in hope that scientists will actually invent a time turner so that I can read three books at once.
    Lynn 😀

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    1. Three books at once would be nice indeed, and maybe it would help to prune down those overcrowded TBRs… Just to “punish” myself I looked at the size of my TBR folder and there are some two hundred MBs of ebooks waiting to be read – shameful indeed! 😀

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