So let’s see…

Suitcase packed and ready: CHECK

Car’s gas tank filled: CHECK

E-reader stocked with books: CHECK (no surprises there…)

Well, I guess I’m ready! 😊

Dear fellow book lovers, for the next month or so I will be away from these virtual shores, enjoying some time with friends (and assorted dogs), but with little chance of interacting with you all because of the sketchy nature of the internet connection – the joy and bane of being away from big crowds.

I hope to catch up when I get back, though: meanwhile, have a great summer and… see you soon!

23 thoughts on “SUMMER HOLIDAY…

  1. Oh, enjoy the living daylights out of your time of being unplugged. It can be extremely refreshing.
    And have a lot of fun. Because if you’re going to be gone for a month, you can pack in a LOT of stuff to do. We expect reports when you return!

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